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The MANIAC Challenge is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-0519825


MANIAC Challenge'09

MANIAC Challenge was held on March 8-9 at PerCom 2009 Galveston, Texas. We thank all participating teams for making the MANIAC Challenge 2009 a tremendous success. For more, click here

What is the MANIAC Challenge?

The MANIAC Challenge is an NSF-funded competition to better understand cooperation and interoperability in ad hoc networks. Competing teams of students/researchers will come together to form an ad hoc network. The organizers will generate traffic destined to each team. Teams will be judged based on how much of the traffic destined to them makes it through the network, how little energy they consume in forwarding traffic and a subjective evaluation of the quality of their solution's design. To get their traffic across the network, each team must rely on other teams' willingness to forward traffic for them. We have developed software and an API to allow teams to program their nodes and override forwarding decisions made by the routing protocol. We have also developed network monitoring and management software to keep track in real-time of topology changes and traffic loads experienced by each node during the competition. In this website, you will find the detailed rules for participation in the MANIAC Challenge, how to register for the competition, and the required software available for download.

In the MANIAC challenge,traffic is sent to participant nodes from reference nodes in the network. Teams are given the tools to monitor and manipulate traffic flowing around and through them, respectively. As teams participate and forward , they consume resources (lose points), but as traffic affiliated with them reaches its destination, they receive points. The overall goal of the competition to have the most points at the end of the competition.

Goal of MANIAC Challenge Project

This project establishes a multi-institution competition. The MANIAC Challenge, that allows us to study the tension between the desire of nodes to focus only on delivery of their team's packets (in order to preserve battery life and competitive advantage) and the need for nodes in a MANET to cooperate in order to permit the delivery of packets across the heterogeneous network. Click here for the flyer.

Future of the MANIAC Challenge

The MANIAC challenge was held twice - in November 2007 and March 2009 respectively. We have witnessed a marked increase in the complexity of the cooperation strategies of the partipating teams over these two years. This has reflected deeply in the evolution of the deployed network.We hope that the datasets obtained from our network will lead us to significant conclusions about experimental MANETs.The datasets from both the competitions have been made available to the research community. Our results and conclusions from MANIAC 2007 is available on the website. At this point of time, datasets from MANIAC 2009 are being studied and the results and papers associated with the same will be made available as and when they are ready. The future of the next MANIAC Challenge is yet to be ascertained.


The principal investigators for the MANIAC Challenge are Dr. Luiz DaSilva and Dr. Allen MacKenzie, from Wireless @ Virginia Tech. Dr. Michael Thompson, of Bucknell University, is also a collaborator in this project.


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